World Congress on Computational Mechanics


Bilen Emek Abali

Technische Universitat Berlin

Institute of Mechanics


More info on the web site: ----- After studying and working at the universities in Istanbul, Munich, Berlin, Berkeley, and Ghent, November 2020, B. E. Abali joined the faculty as professor at the Uppsala University in Sweden. A rigorous scientific and teaching expertise he has obtained over the years as a consequence of working and lecturing in several continents. Among others, he has sponsored courses in mechanics, composite materials, numerical methods, and multiphysics simulations. His first research monograph has been published in Springer entitled as Computational Reality, presenting thermodynamical derivation of coupled phenomena involving thermomechanics with electromagnetism in solid bodies and fluids as well as their computation via the finite element method with the aid of open-source codes developed under the FEniCS project.