World Congress on Computational Mechanics


Istvan Paczelt

University of Miskolc

Institute of applied mechanics


The transient wear process on a frictional interface of two elastic bodies in relative steady sliding motion induces shape evolution of contact interface and tends to a steady state. Then wear growth develops at constant contact stress and strain distributions. In previous papers these cases were analyzed for the fixed sliding velocity between the bodies and for fixed loads. The cases of periodic sliding under fixed normal loads were treated in [1]. The cases of periodic loads for fixed or varying sliding velocity were investigated in [2]. The variational procedure and minimization of the response functional corresponding to the wear dissipation power were applied. The modified Archard wear rule was assumed. The specific examples were solved assuming fixed values of wear parameters in the contact domain. In the present paper the previous analyses are extended to such cases when the wear parameters can vary along the sliding path and similarly, the sliding velocity and normal load can vary periodically. The cases of ring segment-on rotating disk and translating punch–on strip are considered, providing wear analysis with account for temperature effect. [1] Páczelt I, Mróz Z, Baksa A. Analysis of steady wear processes for periodic sliding, Journal of Computational and Applied Mechanics 2015; 10:231–268 [2] Páczelt I, Mróz Z. Analysis of wear processes for periodic loading, Key Engineering Materials 2015; 681: 117-141, doi:10.4028/