World Congress on Computational Mechanics


Christophe Hermans

German-Dutch Wind tunnels DNW



Christophe is Director of the German Dutch Wind tunnels (DNW) since April 2018, after having joined DNW in 2012 as Deputy Director. DNW operates 11 wind tunnels at 5 sites in both the Netherlands and Germany, the most well-known being the Large Low speed Facility LLF in Marknesse (Nl). He is a member of one of Netherlands Aerospace Centre’s (NLR) advisory committees. Since April 2016 he is responsible for the knowledge and innovation development at NLR as Chief Technology Advisor CTA. In 2006 he joined the boards the ‘Nederlandse Vereniging voor Luchtvaarttechniek’ (NVvL) and the Council of European Aerospace Societies (CEAS). Since 2017 he is president of the NVvL board and branch chair aeronautics of CEAS. Since 2017 he is also a member of the International Council of the Aeronautical Sciences I(CAS) Programme Committee.