World Congress on Computational Mechanics


Kenjiro Terada

Tohoku University

International Research Institute of Disaster Science


Dr. Terada’s career began after he obtained his PhD degree in applied mechanics from The University of Michigan in 1996. After appointed as Research Associate at The University of Tokyo, he moved to Tohoku University as Assistant Professor in 1997 and was promoted to Full Professor at the IRIDeS of the same school in 2012. Dr. Terada has published more than 270 refereed papers in domestic and international journals and many other articles in the field of computational mechanics and CAE, with the quality being invited as invited speakers to various conferences and awarded the IACM Fellows Awards in 2014. The main thrust of Dr. Terada’s research has been the computational homogenization methods and related mathematical modeling for heterogeneous materials. His key contribution in this context was the proposal of a class of general algorithms for nonlinear homogenization, which has been extended further in theory and applied to various engineering problems. In addition to the continuous and noteworthy contributions in this area, he proposed a meshfree method, called Finite Cover Method, for the microstructural analysis of composite materials and structures. Recently, his interest has been renewed for methods for hypercomplex disaster simulations for disaster-risk estimation and practical-level applications of computational homogenization methods so as to enable practicians to carry out various multiscale finite element analyses in their CAE operations.