World Congress on Computational Mechanics


Ahmad Amani


Centre Tecnològic de Transferència de Calor (CTTC)


Dr. Ahmad Amani has very strong theoretical and practical knowledge in a wide range of mechanical related technologies including Heat and Mass Transport Phenomena, Multiphysics Modelling and Computational Physics. He holds an - Excellent Cum Laude Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering, from Polytechnic University of Catalonia (UPC) - M.Sc. in Thermal Energy Engineering - M.Sc. in Aerodynamics Engineering - B.Sc. in Aerospace Engineering - B.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering all with grade A or excellent. Dr. Amani has expert-level expertise in the state of the art multiphysics and transport phenomena modelling, design and development techniques, focusing on challenging multiphysics problems, by developing advanced numerical tools in the framework of High Performance Computing packages. In parallel, he has been using these tools to study different challenging problems, with vast industrial applications in which have led to various publications in outstanding peer-reviewed journals with h index = 6 in Scopus database.