World Congress on Computational Mechanics


ArianeGroup develops and supplies innovative and competitive solutions for civil and military space launchers, with expertise in all aspects of state-of-the-art propulsion technologies. ArianeGroup is lead contractor for Europe’s Ariane 5 and Ariane 6 launcher families, responsible for both design and the entire production chain, up to and including marketing by its Arianespace subsidiary, as well as for the missiles of the French oceanic deterrent force. ArianeGroup and its subsidiaries enjoy a global reputation as specialists in the field of equipment and propulsion for space applications, while their expertise also benefits other industrial sectors. The group is a joint venture equally owned by Airbus and Safran, and employs approximately 9,000 highly qualified staff in France and Germany. Its 2018 revenues amounted to 3.6 billion euros. In this context of technical innovation, advanced numerical tools are widely used in order to improve and optimize the parts design and to reduce the number of tests which could be difficult to set up and expensive to realize. Regarding the solid propellant motorcases, a wide range of numerical modelization tools are involved in the design process, from material and parts manufacturing to complete behavior in service, including aerodynamics, thermics, mechanics and fluid/structure interaction aspects. Concerning mechanics, advanced models for materials are developed and used to optimize the behavior of final products, for example composites materials, elastomers or even propellant. These developments give the numerical tools fitted with technical needs (material representativity and behavior robustness) and CPU costs to engineers.